Hey there I’m Zeeshan,

An Architect, Designer and a complete Dubai boy, the city of Dubai has definitely thought me the definition of thinking big, a city where dreams come true, and most of all, the city of dreamers.

Growing up in this city I have always been in awe by what this city has to offer, watching cultural norms, intertwine with international standards; Burkas with Birkin’s, Kandooras with Kenzo’s & Camels with Cappuccinos.

Dubai, a home to every culture, creed & income, where I find myself being inspired, by the little things I find, no matter the best designer work or a street vendor in old town.

With Dubai Style Guy I want to give a platform to my passions whether its Fashion, Food, Art or Architecture, all things I find fascinating, my new finds around town & few of the classics that make up my childhood.

So here I am, to show you the City of Dreams from the eyes, of just another dreamer.

( If you guys have a suggestion don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or you could email me at zeeshan_azeem992@live.co.uk )

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Zeeshan Azeem