Summer Shampoo : BIG by Lush


We all know that our skin changes seasonally—the chapped lips during winter prove this point. But the shift that happens to our hair as the seasons change is a bit more subtle. With the Dubai summer here, I’m doing everything in my power to brace my hair for humidity and sun—and finding the right shampoo is the first step.

Finding a shampoo that suits any type hair perfectly is often a challenge. The Humidity, Heat & sweat usually leaves the hair weighed down, flat & lifeless.

Over a month ago I was Invited by LUSH MERCATO MALL for the Lush in-house experience where the beyond friendly staff explained to us the benefits and use of every product and we got to try them as well (that’s right every single Product).

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In the end though when I mentioned my life’s biggest worry – my thinning hair and receding hairline. The SA suggested I give their sea salt line a try. I already was one of their biggest fans of the sea salt spray (Read my Review here).


Product: the BIG Shampoo is part of the lush Sea Salt line and contains actual grains of coarse sea salt, Virgin Coconut oil & mandarin oil alongside plenty other natural Ingredients.

Verdict: I tend to use a lot of product in my hair for everyday styling processes which leads to major build-up of product residue

from the first wash itself, my hair felt more light and airy than it had done in years. The salt within the shampoo left my hair squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

This is the first shampoo I’ve come across which manages to get out all the product buildup, this not only makes the hair lighter giving it that extra bounce but gives the illusion of major volume added to your hair.

Warning: I wouldn’t recommend this product for everyday use, as the too much salt can drain the moisture out of the hair and leave it brittle and weak, personally I suggest using it once a week.


BONUS : R&B Hair Mositurizer

I would recommend pairing the BIG Shampoo with the lush R&B hair moisturizer to replenish any moisture the hair may have lost.
This moisturizer is made up of natural ingredients such as, organic avocado butter, oatmeal & olive oil that gives my hair the perfect post wash nourishment.
The moisturizer managed to get rid of any post wash frizz that remained while acting as the perfect primer for any sort of styling.

You can Shop the entire Lush Product line HERE

LUSH Team @ Lush Mercato Mall , Dubai


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