12 Wardrobe Essentials

As far back as I can recall Fashion has always been my first love, over the years I’ve somehow seemed to become a personal shopper for my friends, picking out their outfits and styling them. (Not that I’m complaining).

In a city like Dubai with such a diverse South-Asian population, its very easy to become just another face in the crowd. Fashion seems to my one escape from this harsh reality.

Though with every new season something new and different appears on the runways of fashion week, these looks can rarely translate to everyday outfits, only inspiration can be drawn from them.

Personally for me ‘Style’ is more about imagination & creation rather than following the current trend, and ‘going with the flow’.

Keeping this in mind, over the years I’ve managed to curate a wardrobe full of essential pieces that can be mixed and matched to create & style any outfit for any occasion.

(OH! did I mention this has lead to a few friends who seem to believe that my closet is their own personal shopping destination, this list mainly targeted to those friends of mine, GO BUY YOUR OWN STUFF, GUYS!!!!)

So I’ve compiled a list of 12 of my most essential pieces that can be used to recreate a number of different outfits.

1.Basic Black & White Crew Neck T-Shirt

These can be paired with almost anything from jeans, slacks to even a casual blazer, the versatility of this t-shirt are far too many to name. This is one pair that transitions from day to night with ease, the only factor to be considered here is the fit. Make sure the fit isn’t too tight nor too lose.

2.White Sneakers


My clean white sneakers are something I definitely cannot do without, whether it’s on a casual blazer, over a pair of jeans or shorts; these have undoubtedly become my ‘go-to pair for everyday wear’. They not only make the entire outfit pop but they seem to go on everything I put on.

DISCLAIMER: Maintain the whiteness with regular cleaning (Read my article on how to make your white kicks remain white here)

3.Demin shirt

Layer it, wear it as it is, denim on denim or just throw it on a pair of shorts, the versatility of this is unquestionable. Over the past couple of years, it has definitely earned itself a spot in my top 5 outfit choices.

4.Black Leather Jacket

There’s something about a leather jacket that seems to emanate the feeling and look of masculinity. Hands down my favorite type of jacket would be the Motocross jacket. Though a black a jacket can be worn over any color. I personally prefer a brown jacket over a black one. I usually end up pairing the brown jacket with either a sky blue t-shirt or any pastel color.

5.Plain Zip-up Hoddie


These are a must for all those days when dressing up or even leaving my bed seems to be a herculean task. These seem to give my ensemble an ultra-casual yet a put together look. I usually pair these with a plain crew neck tee, jeans, and white sneakers. (this definitely pulls the attention away from the fact that given my mood on those days I look like one of the extras from ‘The Walking Dead’.

6.Leather / Suede Cap


These have proved to be my lifesaver during bad hair days. Not only does it hide the unruly hair but makes you look so good doing it.

7.Dark Wash Demin Pants

Zac Efron munching an apple walks into a hotel in Los Angeles.

This needs to be a staple in every guy’s wardrobe, it certainly is in mine out there. Every guy out there no matter age, size or body type should own a pair of dark wash denim pants. Not only to they go with everything. These will probably be the ones anybody would wear on a daily basis.

But choosing the right fit for your body type is easier said than done.

  • Slim – these are best suited for slim to regular body build
  • Straight – these look best for the larger body shape. The cut of these pants seems to give the body a more proportionate look.
  • Skinny – Skinny is NOT the same as slim fit. These usually cling onto the skin making you look like a toothpick from the waist down. (AVOID)
  • Boot Cut – let’s leave this style back in the 80’s where it belongs guys!

Invest in a few good quality pieces and I promise you, you won’t regret the decision!

8.Reversible Belt (Black / Brown)


In an ideal world, we all would have massive walk-in wardrobes rivaling the Kardashian’s…… But being the brown boy that I am my motto is why buy two when you can buy one & use it twice.

Even if you don’t need it I personally feel a simple belt helps bring together my entire outfit.

9.Black & White Oxford Shirt

An Oxford shirt is called a classic for a damn good reason. Whether it’s to the office, a casual brunch or maybe just dinner with the fam throwing on an oxford shirt over chinos, slacks or even jeans seems to give an effortless yet stylish look.

10.Navy Blue Suit

In today’s world of ever-changing style, a well-tailored suit is the one element in men’s fashion that has remained a constant through the ages & for good reason, whether it’s for a job interview, a wedding or a black tie event, you can never go wrong with a well-fitted suit.

Blacks and grays seem to be the norm people usually go for, but in my opinion navy blue embodies a more youthful look and accentuates features.

11.Dark Brown Loafers


These were initially designed for the royals for a pretty damn good reason.  My brown suede loafers are my most versatile pair of shoes & in my opinion, every guy needs to own at least one pair it is best matched with smart and smart-casual ensembles.

A simple loafer – whether tasseled or not – works just as well with a simple button down shirt & chinos.

12.Black Lace-up Shoes


These shoes might not see the light of day as often as your other pairs because let’s face it, they are pretty boring & life’s too short to wear boring shoes. That being said these are a must for any formal occasion such as a wedding, job interview etc. & when those occasions roll around you want to put your best foot forward – literally.

So my suggestion would be to invest in a good pair of good quality so that would stand the test of time.

Please keep in mind wardrobe essentials are purely based on personal taste & what I feel works, the list is not definite, feel free to explore & add plenty of other options.

Mix & Match with these in however way it suits your personal style.

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