Chocolate Kiss : Lush Lip Scrub


It seems like Lips have gone from being a small part of the beauty world to an entire industry all by itself from Kylie Lip kits to Huda beauty Lip contours and everything in between.

If you’ve tried kissing someone with chapped lips or got chapped lips yourself you’d know the entire experience isn’t something you’d count as pleasant, the answer to this problem… LIP SCRUBS

TBH I never really bought into the entire concept of Lip Scrubs, that is until I walked into a Lush Store and tried it out.

For all you out there who aren’t familiar with lush. Lush is a British based Cosmetics company that specializes in all natural handmade products, that fight animal cruelty. The fact that all their products smell amazing is just the cherry on top. They are very well known for their bath bombs.

Use: All it requires you do is apply a little on your fingers and rub it over your lips & they seem as good as new & any excess scrub you can just lick it up. (FYI: it tastes phenomenal)

Although the sugar within the product can leave your lips slightly sticky so I suggest using it in the shower or right before.

In the Bottle: Like all Lush products, the ingredients within the lip scrub are completely natural such as Castor Sugar, Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Extract, Tagetes Oil & Peppermint Oil & for you vegetarians out there the product is vegan-friendly as well.


Verdict: Right from the first use this product proved to be a lifesaver and a game changer, I had forgotten how smooth & soft my lips could feel.

For the price of AED 65, it may seem slightly on the higher end but I guarantee you it’s worth every penny not only that one pack will last a good 5-6 months depending on your use.

The scrub is available in a number different flavors including chocolate, bubblegum & popcorn.


Additional Tip: After just follow up with a plain simple lip Balm or for you ladies this just cleans the canvas for your lipsticks giving it a smooth base to apply over giving your lipstick a brilliant finish.

You can shop the product online at

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