AKS Color Carnival


Every year between the 10th – 20th of March my Instagram feeds get spammed with photos of people drenched in color.

Being my First Holi Experience ever I was looking forward to this for weeks and AKS did not disappoint! They delivered on every promise!


As far back as I can think, AKS has always been a regular name in the clubbing and party scene around Dubai, especially amongst the South Asian crowd. Now with the Color Carnival, they have finally expanded into the daytime events territory.

The event started at 10 am and by the time I rounded up my friends who kept refusing to leave their bed & giving me death threats if I tried waking them up again –  like an annoying rash I persisted & by the time we got there it was almost 3 pm.

I would sum up the whole experience in two words ‘Happy Vibes’.


As far as I could see all I saw were smiling unrecognizable faces (Thanks to all the color), Families having the time of their life and food trucks!!!

After about an hour of slowly turning a beautiful shade of purple & deciding now was the time I either feed myself or pass out due to hunger I decided to hit up the the food trucks which were a few of the best ones from around town including Moshi, Mahec, Kulfilicious, Calle Tacos & The Shebhi.

The entire carnival was made cashless, eliminating the need to carry around wallet, instead given wrist bands which could be loaded with cash at the swipe of your card. (Kudos to AKS for thinking this up)

There was even the Holi Bazaar section for the shopaholics with everything on sale from Handicrafts to Apparel.

In the end, all I can say is will defiantly be back next year.


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