Tea Time: T-Lounge By Dilmah

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It seems like the entire world can be divided into two groups, the tea lovers, and the coffee lovers.

As a learned in University the life of a design student is solely sustained on a Venti Starbucks every morning, noon & night. People in my University would testify to this, as I was very aptly nicknamed “Starbucks Boy”. I’m slightly embarrassed to say I was one of those people who looked down on tea drinkers.

That opinion has defiantly changed after attending the opening of the latest t-Lounge by Dilmah.

The Event was hosted by Dilamah Founder Merrill J. Fernando and was attended by Various cricketing legends such as Ramiz Raja, Wasim Akram & Sir Vivien Richards.

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Until the day I had no idea Dilmah is the one biggest tea producers in the world & its products show exactly how it has gotten there.

(FUN FACT: Costa and McDonalds exclusively use only Dilmah Tea in their drinks.)

After sipping their various selections, I’m undoubtedly a changed man. There’s absolutely nowhere in the world where someone can walk in and choose from over 300 different types of tea to suit every imaginable palette.


The lounge offers up way more than just tea with a wide array of wide pickings such as lamb sliders, sandwiches & much more.


In my opinion, the Dilmah t-lounge is truly a game changer for the tea scene in UAE

IMG_8802IMG_8795FullSizeRender 3


Egypt Court, Ibn Battuta Mall

Jabel Ali, Dubai

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