Perfect beach hair: Lush Sea Spray


Dubai in my diary might just be the greatest city that ever existed but no city like Dubai is without its first world problems … for me one of those problems is the water, after years of showering in Dubai my hair has basically thinned out drastically.

My very Indian mother over the course of time has made me try every homemade remedy in the book, unfortunately, none of those remedies really provided me a cure for my hair.

After visiting the lush store, one of the employees suggested the Sea Spray hair mist for my problem & it has very quickly become my go-to product to give my hair a luscious thick look and feel.

What it is: A hair mist that gives your hair the volume, bounce & texture that you’ve always wanted while also giving it a natural shine & hold.


In the bottle: The product contains fine sea salt along with tons of natural oils, grapefruit oil being the main ingredient along with very few safe synthetic materials.

Use: I usually apply the spray evenly on towel dried hair right before blow-drying & then style it accordingly.

The Spray can even be applied onto dry hair in the middle of your day to give your hair a refresher or just to add a little extra texture & hold to it.


Verdict: As I mentioned earlier this is product has defiantly earned itself a well-deserved place for in my daily morning routine, it manages to bring back life to my thinning hair by adding much-needed volume, bounce & shine.

The only issue I have with this product is that you need to be really careful will applying it because an excessive amount of spray can leave you hair looking greasy while salts in the spray may weigh down your hair making it difficult to manage.

Price: AED 110 for a 100g bottle that will last you 6-8 months depending on the frequency of use.

You can shop the Product from their online store at

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