DIY : Customized Denim Shirt


Denim Jackets and Denim shirts have always been an obsession of mine! A simple blue denim shirt on a plain white crew neck and black jeans always adds something extra to any outfit day or night.

Now imagine throwing in a customized piece & now you’ve just upgraded your look tenfold.

Customized pieces can cost a hand a leg and not all of us are willing to forgo a week’s worth of meals for a single piece of clothing. Style on a budget is what I do best.

Being the brown boy that I am I decided to save my bucks & make my own customized piece by enlisting the help of @theuaeartist (Check out his Instagram guys you will fall in love).

Given that my one and true love is Mickey.

All you need to create your own customized denim is

  1. A simple plain Denim shirt or jacket
  2. Acrylic Paint (from any art supplies store)
  3. A Print out of what image you want to create
  4. Old Tooth Brush
  5. Old Newspapers

Make sure the denim you plan on customizing is clean and free of any dirt also, find a large flat surface. You will need this for completely lay out the shirt/Jacket.

Step One:

IMPORTANT Place the Newspaper between Shirt/Jacket folds.This will prevent from color transferring from one end to the other.

Step Two:

Using a 2B-3B pencil sketch out the Design you are plan on achieving.

Step Three:

After sketching out the design. Using a flat head brush & apply the first layer of paint over the design (An additional white layer may be needed underneath the first color if you are are using dark colored denim).

You can also use a sponge if you want to give texture to the paint.


Step Four:

Allow the first layer of paint to dry for about 20 minutes. Then apply the second layer & continue this process until the required color is achieved.


Step Five (Optional):

If you want to create Color splatters on your denim. Simply get hold of an Old Toothbrush, Dilute the color you want to splatter in water.

Then once you have dipped the toothbrush in the color simply point it towards the jacket and run your fingers through the bristles.

NOTE: you would need to give your customized denim piece a minimum of 24 hours of drying time before heat locking the paint in with an iron or with steam.


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