image Review: Bambooda


In a city where you have a dozen or so new restaurants popping up every week, there are few restaurants that embed themselves in people’s mind like how Blue Elephant managed to do.

With its oriental interior, Bamboo furniture, Waterfalls & fish filled ponds Blue Elephant managed to take it guests into the heart of Thailand without them ever having to leaving their seats.

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So when it became news that one of Dubai’s best-loved Thai restaurants was being taken over by new management I was skeptical, to say the least.

During my stay at the Roda Al Bustan, I decided to cast my doubts aside & dine with the newly rebranded Bambooda restaurant. The F&B outlet still boasts the very same interior, the warm and welcoming Asian hospitality & the ever helpful staff.

The one notable difference being that restaurant has expanded its menu, catering to a much wider taste palette.

The menu offers up many more far eastern dishes ranging all the way from China to Singapore & everything in between, Though in my opinion, Thai remains its specialty.

My experience started off with Chaom Com which were deep fried mince prawn served up with sugar cane. (Compliments of the Chef) which set a beautiful tone for the entire meal.

Chaom Com (Deep-fried Minced Prawn with Sugarcane)

For our appetizer our server suggested we go for the Thung Thong one of their best sellers, which were golden fried chicken dumplings served with sweet and sour sauce (AED 48). Within absolutely no time there was a frenzy on who would get the last of the remaining dumpling.

As for the main course we decided to go in for a Thai classic The Green Curry (AED 80) served along with jasmine rice (AED 20) & Phad Kra Prow Kai which was wok-fried minced chicken with garlic & chili along with holy basil leaves (AED 65), if the interiors, ambience & the warm hospitality hadn’t already evoked the feeling of dining in a Thai village these dishes undoubtedly did.


Towards the end, Bambooda, in my opinion, holds on to everything that made Blue Elephant so good while also adding so much more it.

I am convinced Bambooda will soon become a staple name in the Asian cuisine scene around Dubai.

Tip: Bambooda accepts Entertainer vouchers even if they are under the Blue Elephant name. You can use them to get an additional main course free with every main course you purchase.


Ground Floor, Roda Al Bustan,

Garhoud, Dubai.

For Reservations call them at 044535238

Lunch – 12 Noon to 3 PM | Dinner – 6:30 PM to 12 Midnight

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