Art Meets Architecture: Indigo Living Spring/Summer 2017 collection


Want to travel the world but not sell your soul to the devil in order to afford the air ticket?

On the 8th of March, Indigo living unveiled their Spring/Summer 2017 collection at Tesoro, Taj Hotel, Dubai.



Undoubtedly one of the most unique and fun openings I’ve ever been to till date! The menu served to us was specially crafted by the Taj executive chef, to match the 4 styles of furniture that were unveiled and it was up to the guests to match each course with its corresponding style.


The Four collections were

Beach Class which is how I imagine living on the Palm would feel like. Light, bright cool colors inspired coastal living with wood, leather, and nickel finishes giving a rustic yet contemporary feel.


Caribbean Easy would be the collection I would choose, if I was heading towards an easy going, laid back, vacation vibe.

I would definitely choose this collection to bring the tropical feel into my home with its vibrant colors contrasted with metallic finishes, without actually traveling all the way to Hawaii.

Urban Chic: Though every style was a work of art in its own right my favorite had to be, the Urban Chic collection; which had a palette of neutral colors along marble and ceramic accents. This to me captured the true essence of what Dubai is all about.

(Note to self – ask the store if there is any way I can reserve this collection until I get my own place.)

Pretty in Pink is what happens when Barbie moves to the big city, the collection mainly consisted of dusty pinks, old Hollywood silhouettes and muted florals with classic feminine interiors.


You can shop the entire Spring/Summer collection or go through their lookbook at 


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